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Do you want to help your child to get rid of his/her thumb-sucking habit?
In these days of the Coronavirus, where it is recommended not to touch your face, getting rid of a thumb-sucking habit is not only very important, it's a must!
"When Dana was a baby she had pacifiers in all kinds of colors, But Dana did not want any of these pacifiers,
Dana only wanted her finger…"

Dana’s chart is waiting for you, as well as other learning materials in PDF form, to add fun to the reading and understanding of the book.

This is a true story about Dana, a kindergarten girl, that could not take out her finger from her mouth until it became wrinkled and had a crushed nail!
However, once her mother turned the responsibility for the finger to Dana- she had succeeded in her mission and Dana's finger was set free.
Dana's Finger Is Set Free, is a special thumb-sucking book to stop thumb-sucking for kids and first in Self-Reliance Books for Kids series.
When the habit of sucking a finger becomes part of life, the parents could benefit from allowing their children to read the book 'Dana's finger is set free' and stop their thumb-sucking habit easily.
To be weaned from sucking a finger is a great challenge for children. It is important to get rid of this habit as soon as possible before it will cause problems, damages for teeth, and more.
This book summons you to how Dana has coped with the weaning from her habit.
It is worthwhile reading the book and helps your child to get rid of this habit.

Do you want to help your child to get rid of his/her thumb-sucking habit? Scroll up and grab a copy today.

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