Bamboo-Scented Love: A year in China

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Bamboo-scented Love is a story about women who make sacrifices for the sake of their partners’ careers, about people living on the other side of the world, and about crises, longing, and happiness. But most of all, it is the story of impossible love. The story takes place in 1998 in China, which recently opened to the West. It interweaves markets, rituals, cultures, superstitions, and historic sites, before reaching its inevitable dramatic ending. When Mira’s husband is sent to work in China for two years, Mira relocates there, with him and her two young children. For Mira, this is meant to be a two-year timeout from her work and studies, a time she has been anticipating eagerly yet apprehensively. As the plot becomes increasingly more complicated, Mira finds herself at odds with her own self, with those around her and with her love for a stranger. “Bamboo-scented Love” takes the reader on a journey into a dream – one that becomes a reality for Mira, her husband, and their children. Vered Kaminsky, a teacher of Communications and Cinematography, as well as a journalist, has published four children’s books. “Bamboo-scented Love” is her first published book for adults. It was written during her year in China, the last year of the twentieth century. It is a fascinating portrayal of the many faces of China: human, cultural and societal.
“Bamboo-scented Love” is a story that took place in China, not so long ago. Yet it was a time where the Coronavirus which isolated the whole country and its people, was not even an imaginary thought.

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